Colour Consultants Melbourne

Colour Consultants Melbourne for Interior and Exterior Painting

If you’re counting on a big renovation project or redesigning your beloved home, our expert colour consultants Melbourne for interior and exterior painting at Unistar Painting are here to help you redecorating your home with the best matching paints and wallpapers.

Concerning up to the number of your rooms, materials &your colour preferences, our consultant will advise what is mostly tailor-made design for you. Simultaneously, they will suggest a cohesive colour scheme that perfectly suits your lifestyle and will keep your home look new over a long period of time.colour consultants Melbourne

Our Colour Consultancy Service is really ideal for someone who is a bit daunted by choice, having a short amount of time or simply hoping for to choose something different and bolder. Our expert team of Colour Consultants will ensure that your home gets a distinct, fresh look which is meant to uplift your social status sky-high.

how we make the change…

  • Our consultation will be initiated with our expert consultant gathering information about your project.
  • Visiting your home, our colour consultant will first carefully listen to your desired ideas, fancying the look you’re wishing to get and the way you want to rig each of your rooms.
  • Then, your Colour Consultant will carefully examine the room-space and interiors of your rooms.
  • Considering your choices and preferences, our consultant will suggest you the colour preferences that will make your home a vibrant one.
  • Upon your agreement, ourcolourconsultant will hand over a written copy of the list of ingredientsneeded for the paint work. At the same time, we will be suggesting your decorator to work accordingly.


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