Exterior House Painting Melbourne

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Your exterior is the only thing that puts a vast impression on the visitors when they first walk into your house. But if the Exterior doesn’t have that glow in it, the impression might get ruined. So, the question arises how can you get that look in your exterior? The answer is rather simple. A nice and furnished exterior house painting service is more than enough to get back that lost glow in the exteriors and no one is better than UNISTAR PAINTING in providing it in the Suburbs of Melbourne. Quality work, superb appeal and perfect finish are our main priorities.

Exterior House Painting Melbourne

Why Unistar Painting ?

We firmly believe that our customers choose our service not only for our non-compromising quality work, but also how we make a strong amiable relationship with them. Choosing Unistar Painting is and always has been the safest and smartest choice to our clients as our professional painters are extremely work-prone and provide all the services according to the need of them (clients). Besides, the affordable costing is another key factor for the clients choosing us.



The second most priority to us after an uncompromising quality work is the cleanliness factor. You don’t need to worry about the messy working areas as we take a good care of the places where we have worked on and make the place fully spic and span after our painting work is over.


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Our company is independently owned and operated and we provide our service on flexible schedules convenient to you. Our utmost goal at all times is quality service so that you can get a complete peace of mind. Being one of the largest painting franchises in Melbourne, we have a distinct reputation to go with our name. With an excellence service and a display of true workmanship you are fully assured to feel confident at choosing us for any residential painting jobs.


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