5 Exotic Home Exterior Paint Colors To Rig Your House

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Choosing a good colour for your house may be a tough job as there so many to choose from. That’s why we have come up with “5 exotic home exterior paint colours” that will help you choose a most suitable one for your home.
Pale Pink
A pale pink is a good choice to provide your home a neutral feel. Apart from being very inviting, this color is quite soft and peaceful and perfectly suites a home that portrays those qualities nicely. We especially think that pale pink would look great on modern Melbourne houses during the summer.
Light Yellow
Light yellow is another colour that you can go for if you like to give your home a classic shade. If you want your house to display a warm, welcoming vibe, then a light yellow would be a great choice. It is vibrantly reflected with wooden furniture but you can also pull it off with a brick exterior. That’s just how flexible this colour is.
Light Grey
In the same vein, a light grey is a neutral that will always be around. Light grey will give your home a clean and sleek appearance from the curb, especially if you pair it with white trim. Just like the rest of the colours, a light grey is also a great exterior paint color choice because it won’t clash with your roof colour.
Brick Red
Red is probably a classic because of brick homes. Something about that brick red colour is just homey, and many homeowners in Melbourne are painting their wood homes this red brick colour. We can assure you that as long as the brick is still being used to construct homes, this colour will be around. This red is strong and comforting, and pairs nicely with classic white shutters.
Last but not least, it’s White. It looks good on homes as it’s a clean colour. It looks great & doesn’t need to repaint if you can leave it dust-free. Whether your white home is blanketed in snow or basking on a sunny summer day, it’s going to look great!
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