4 Effective Ways of House Painting You Must Know

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Neatly painted walls are the pride of your house. Most of the people think that house painting services in Melbourne is a trivial matter that needs no professional skills. However, in reality it takes much more than that; be it for a professional house painting company or for a DIY person. In order for a good house painting, we should first trace the applied techniques and the use the right painting tools.

This way we not only can avoid major errors but also get the perfect effect on the walls both in terms of visual and useful.

Here are 4 of the most popular ways of painting walls and ceilings that can augment the aesthetic value of your property.

Tools You Need For House Painting Services


Rollers are one of the most popular tools for painting walls and ceilings. It is quite effortless to dip & roll through the wall. It can relatively evenly distribute the paint on the painted surface and also the rate applying successive layers. While painting your house, always remember the roller to apply paint cross traffic which allows for even distribution layer, as well as covering uneven ground.

However, you should carefully choose the type of roller for both your amateur & professional use. While choosing a roller, see what is made of. Water-based paints work well with plastic rollers, and paint solvent models with natural materials. With oil paints sponge rollers work well.


Brushing is the most basic & used methods of applying paint to the surface of walls and ceilings. A paint brush is characterized by low cost in the case of mineral substrate, and for this reason it is most often used for painting details and small, hard to reach surfaces. A good solution is to use for this purpose the angular brush. Brush also is well suited for decorative plaster and stucco.

Deciding on brushing, we must remember not to impose high viscosity paints on a smooth surface, because there is a high risk of streaks. Brush well suited for priming, because it enables the penetration depth into the substrate preparation. For this purpose, preferably use a brush bench called. wide brush.

Air Spray

Air Spray is the delivery and sprayed paint from the tank through a special hose and spray gun.

It is a very efficient method of applying paint, but its undoubted disadvantage is the need for a special equipment. Before using air-spray paint must strain to remove debris that could potentially clog the spray gun.

By airless spray

In this case, the paint exits the spray gun nozzle at high pressure through a small opening which allows the precise and uniform application of the paint.

This modern method, which is characterized by high efficiency, but because of the expensive equipment, it is used only when painting large surfaces. Furthermore, the spray device to be used as recommended by manufacturers of paint, preferably with high homogeneity, so as not to clog the nozzles of the spray gun.

Before you decide on a specific tool to paint the walls, consider what kind of surface we are going to cover, and what kind of paint we use. Much easier is the ultimate choice and will select the optimum tool.

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