5 Tips to Choose Right Commercial Painter in Melbourne

commercial painter

Need a commercial painter for your next project but not sure what to look for? When it comes to picking a commercial painter, the task is critical to ensure smooth delivery on your project and if you pick a company that is less than reliable, it can also be very costly. That is why you should do your due diligence when it comes to choosing the professional commercial painting contractors in Melbourne.

Here are six important things to consider when it comes to choosing a trustworthy, professional, and reliable commercial painter:

  • Do Your Research Work

It is essential that you do some thorough research of the industry. This includes looking at each companies’ websites (the quality of a website can sometimes reflect the quality of work), the reviews they receive (both on their website and on Google) and past projects they have completed (generally a quality commercial painter will have examples of past projects on their website).

  • Don’t Fall In The Trap Of Cheap Pricing

This can be the biggest pitfall people fall into when it comes to choosing a commercial painter. People want to ensure that budgets don’t become too inflated, but if you go with a company that offers the lowest cost, then chances are the quality of work will reflect the price you paid.

  • Consider Multiple Quotes From Different Inspectors

While prices should not be the primary focus, you can save some money if you compare multiple quotes, and let the companies know you are considering alternative options within the market. Letting the companies know that you have multiple quotes on the table allows a company to put forward the best offer and you might just get a better deal.

  • Ensure the quote covers all work

Make sure every aspect of the project is covered in the quote. Sometimes things get forgotten and it can become an extra expense you haven’t planned on. This is another reason having the project completely scoped out prior to the commencement of the project is so important and allows you to compare apples for apples when choosing your [commercial painting company].

  • Do Add Terms & Clauses In The Contact

You should always add a clause in the contract that relates to the workmanship of the project. Things happen that can cause workers to be running late or materials can be hard to acquire, but if it is a consistent occurrence and the quality of work is not up to standard, then having a clause within the contract can save you money if you need to move to another company mid-project.

  • Licenses & Insurance

Every commercial painting company should be fully licensed and insured, so if they are not, run, fast!

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