How to Remove Water Stains From Interior House Painting

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Water stains are one of the most serious foes of interior house painting Sometimes a room may suffer water stains, those unsightly damp-looking portions of the wall. Often this just looks like discolouration, and is just unpleasant. But we should look into the cause of the issue, as the source of the stain, the source of the water, maybe do more damage than we realise.

It can be tempting to just paint over a water stain. But this often proves insufficient. The stain often shows through the new coat of paint. We will need to remove the original problem, not just cover it up.

  • Find The Source of The Issue

The water that caused the stain came from somewhere. This might be a leak from a pipe, a heating appliance, or a hole in the roof. These sources tend to be minerals in the water, which leave stains on the walls.

  • Remove the Discolouration

Once the source of the water is fixed we can remove the actual stain.

Dilute some bleach, (1 part bleach, 3 parts water). Clean the stain with this solution on a white cloth. This will remove and mould and mildew. It will also fade the stain.

  • Drying The Area

It will take time for moisture in the area to evaporate. If we try to repaint too soon the paint will not adhere to the moist surface. Instead, we can use a dehumidifier, and perhaps a hairdryer, to help speed up the evaporation process.

  • Check for Other Damage

You may need to fill in some parts of the damaged wall. When it is all dry, use some wall filler plaster, and then sand the area flat.

  • Use Primer

Use a layer of primer first on the area. Do not use the final colour paint. The stain and repair will often show through. Primer will provide a neutral surface to paint over. A tinted primer is a good option. Mold-proof primer and paint are also good options.

  • Re-paint The Surface

Paint the area with a small roller, or a brush if the area was originally painted with a brush. The idea is to duplicate the original texture.

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