7 Relaxing Paint Colours for Your Home and Offices

Paint Colours

Nowadays we all are prone to lead a hectic life. From busy mornings at home to rush works at offices, we hardly get enough time to get relaxed and stress-free. But what if the environment we work on can be modified to something relaxing, soothing or less stressful! That would certainly get us a bit of relief, isn’t it?

Now the question is how can you achieve that proposition in a cost-effective way? One of the reliable ways is to get a house painting or commercial painting done by professional local painters with choicest of colours that will not only be soothing to your eyes but also calm your mind as well.

Here at Unistar Painting, we will be discussing about 7 soothing paint colours for both your home and offices which can sooth your eyes and make you feel relax a bit in the mist of your busy schedule and hectic environment.

  • Sky Blue

A delicate hue of sky blue can be a good choice to be painted in both your home and offices. It tends to bring a calm and serene composure to your space. If added with mild soft white trim, it can evoke a feeling of peace of mind just as if you are sitting the brink of a calm lake on a soothing sunny day. Sky blue is generally reputed as a stress-relieving colour and that’s why it can be great choice for your bedroom of your house or the wall colour of your office cabinet where you usually spend most of your work-time. The serene vibe of sky blue can be doubled if the room is complemented with light-white or natural colour furniture. Alternatively, if you feel light coloured or natural coloured furniture too traditional, you can go for furniture with grey colour. Literally, the shade of sky blue is too versatile to be confined with limited interior designs.

  • White

White can be a bit of boring or unattractive colour initially. However, there are various shades of white that can work wonder to bring a ‘peace of mind’ feeling. White colour, if done with proper shade, can create a calm and serene environment for both home and office. In a space where there is abundance of light, a warm shade of white can be a smart choice. On the other hand, in a room where the outer light is limitedly accessible, a cool white shade can make it a bit brighten up. In your home, if you choose white in the bedroom, it gives you a wide range of decorative ideas to complement. For example, if you hang a ‘hanging plant’ against a white hall, it will nicely stand out and manifested. Moreover, if you choose a white bedsheet, it will make the room feel cleaner and spic and span.

  • Violet

Violet is a stem of blue and it can help create a perfect balance with the inner walls to that of interior of the space. This colour easily generates a sense of peaceful feeling when you choose a lighter version of it. It can also create a cold environment and bring a contrasting effect to what you have been looking for. It is mostly suitable in your living room or in the interior wall of your home-office.

  • Off/Pale Green

A pale or off green shade of colour is refreshing and relaxing simultaneously. Green has been always known for its calm and stress-relieving visual properties. Pale or off green brings a lush of greeneries in mind making it stress-free. This colour can be an ideal choice for decorating purposes if paired with shiny jewel tones, earthly neutrals or other pale colours. Pale or lighter version of green can also be a good choice for gender neutral nursery homes.

  • Lavender

This is a lighter version of purple with a tinge of blue. It is an attractive colour especially for your bedroom. Although most colours belonging from purple-family can be a risky proposition for room decoration, but lavender makes an exception. It brings a visual calmness as well as refreshing sense. Lavender usually makes your room feel open and airy, especially if there is ample amount of light. It goes quite well with any neutral or whitish decoration and can bring an energetic twist when paired with orange, yellow or green.

  • Soft Pink

Widely regarded as ‘feminine colour’, soft pink is quite popular among girls. Most baby girl nurseries are painted with pink as this colour is believed to bring a soothing energy. Insite of this cliché, it still can be used in any room. This is because Pink has a natural tendency to bring vibrancy at any space when applied. It also helps create a calm a peaceful environment.

  • Warm Yellow

Yellow may not be a popular choice either for your home or office, but depending upon the shade you are selecting, it can be a cheerful choice, especially for your bedroom. Avoid too bright or too bold if you are looking to create a soothing environment with yellow. Consider a tone of yellow that is nearest to the colour of butter. It will definitely give your space a feeling of warmth unlike overwhelming effect of other shades of yellow. Also, when if you bring neutral coloured furniture in your room, it can add good complementation to it.

Finding It Hard To Choose? Let Unistar Painting Get You the Right One

As with any major house painting Mornington project or anywhere in Melbourne, you want to be sure that the paint job of your house is done correctly at the first go. Moreover, as a home owner you certainly want to feel confident that your paint job should be long-lasting and of high-quality.

Therefore, if you are considering painting your home or office, please feel free to contact our professional painters at Unistar Painting to transform your space.