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As a house owner, if you are willing to go for a roof painting, it is quite necessary for you to clean it properly. Depending on your budget and what you type of equipment you have, will depend on how you clean your roof. Here Unistar Painting provides some efficient roof cleaning tips before you paint your roof.

  • If your house is quite old (more than two years), use a degreaser before you start painting. With the course of time, the roof is likely to get weathered. So the degreaser will remove any worn away oil fabrication and make the surface smoother for painting.
  • If your roof has a rough surface, a high power water blaster is your best bet. It will reduce the effort of cleaning and will save time as well.
  • If you can’t manage a water blaster, don’t worry! a high-quality broom and hose will do the job for you with a little effort.
  • In case your roof has too many algae or mosses at the edges and surface, use mild chemical to remove the same along with mould.
  • Use some detergent if your roof has smooth surface such as galvanised iron. High pressure water blaster is also good to use but it is not as important to use on smooth surfaces.

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