Exterior Painting Melbourne: 10 Things to Remember

exterior painting Melbourne

Are you looking to have an exterior painting Melbourne for a fresh coat on the exterior?  For the paint job to come out just right, consider these 10 pro tips. Here what our exterior painters Melbourne recommends :

Consider The Weather

What time of the year are you planning to do the painting? The exterior is exposed to the elements of nature: humidity, wind, sunlight. Paint will dry better and faster in sunny conditions but can appear faded and blistered on some parts. To most exterior house painter Melbourne, the ideal weather for painting is mild sunshine like in the start of summer when the sun is not too hot. The paint dries out fairly fast in this weather while maintaining an even sheen.

Quality Material

You may be tempted to go for more quantity on the cheap rather than quality if you are on a tight budget. Sadly, using cheap low-quality paint means you will need to apply a fresh coat in a short time as the paint cracks, fades, and chips. There are good quality affordable paints if you take the time to shop around. Try the web.

Sun-Proof Paints

According to professional exterior house painter Melbourne, you should never compromise with the paint you’re using. If your paint is not well endured with excess heat of summer, do consider it to change. Always use heat resistant paints which are likely to shine for years.

Clean Thoroughly

Paint will not adhere well to a dirty surface. If you are painting over an older coat of paint, be sure to clean off any peelings.  Work on the siding and trim and allow drying before sanding. Scrape if necessary.

Clear The Earlier Rots

Do not try to cover up rotten wood and siding with paint. Replace the trim and siding. If the area affected is too small, consider using a wood hardener or filler on it. Remember to sand before exterior painting.

Priming is First Priority

Most exterior painters Melbourne will say that the conventional procedure was priming, sanding and finally applying paint. Look for a product that has combined primer and paint to reduce the number of coats to apply.

Boxing for Even Colour

If you buy several cans of paint, you may find that the shade and tone will differ for the same colour which will make your exterior painting look streaked. Avoid this by combining all the paint in one large container and mixing it for an even look.

Start from the Top

Most painters Melbourne will agree that you should start painting from the top. For obvious reason, the paint will inevitably drip towards the bottom as gravity works on it. Paint from top to bottom so that you can cover these drips on the way down.

Add Some Grit

A new coat of paint makes the surface too slick, which is risky for some areas such as the porch. Add some grit to the paint for some traction.

Put A Sealant

Keep paint usable by storing in tightly sealed containers. Otherwise the paint may just evaporate or some airy elements might damage the quality of the paint.

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