Kids Bedroom with Home Painters Melbourne

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When it comes to paint a kid’s bedroom, it’s important to have tips from any professional home painters Melbourne. It is very likely that the colour scheme of a kid’s room will differ greatly from the rest of the house. Here Unistar Painting shares some invaluable tips that you can thrive on.

Theme First

Creating a particular theme in a bedroom can help capture the imagination of children. It is generally considered to go with the popular themes based on deep space, the forest or something as simple as a blue sky.

You might even want to create two different themes in the same room. Here you can consult any professional painting services Melbourne provider in order to get the best idea.

Use Non-Toxic Colours

Most professional interior painters Melbourne would recommend the following tip for painting any of the rooms in your house, especially for your kids’. Organic, water-based paints are really the best choice to ensure your children’s health remains the number one priority.

According to studies, some paints containing high VOCs can have a negative effect on the respiratory and immune systems while also contributing to allergies. This is undoubtedly harmful especially for the children.

Choose Bright Colours

No surprize that bright colours appeal more to the kids and researches reveal that children as young as 5 months old can get some visual benefit from being exposed to a range of different colours.

Most home painters Melbourne will recommend using primary colours such as blue, red or yellow or secondary colours like green and orange. These are preferable to neutral shades and are more relatable for young children – they will invariably associate certain primary colours with objects and feelings.

Use Durable & Stain Resistant Paints

Depending upon their age, most kids love to draw over walls. Moreover, knocks and bumps, scratches and scrapes or even the odd line of crayon are quite common activities of the children. That’s why one must choose a colour that is quite durable & stain resistant in nature. Keep in mind that with a water-based paint you can easily wash off any marks that need to be taken care of. It is also recommended by colour consultants too.

So, there you have it; just a few of the most important things to consider when setting out to paint your child’s room. You can always have it looked after by a quality home painting services in Melbourne.

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