House Painting Services in Frankston South

House Painting Services in Frankston South

House painting services in Frankston South can be a daunting task, especially during wintry seasons. During this season when it’s freezing cold, and conditions are adverse, things get harder for painting. That’s why Summer or late summer time is considered to be the ideal time painting. However, although painting services in Frankston in winter may not be an ideal decision, still it can be quite achievable with shrewd knowledge and cautious painting technique.

Here one of the renowned local house painters in Frankston SouthUnistar Painting is going to share some invaluable tips which can make your painting experience during the colder months of the year significantly effective and successful.

  • Apprehend The Potential Impact of Temperature on Your Painting During Winter

An efficient way that makes house painting in winter more effective is to know beforehand how low temperature would impact the quality of the paint. Rightfully thinking of the drying patterns and characteristics of your paint can give you a better result amidst the extreme weather. For example, in the low temperature of winter, paints with a base of natural oils and resins (alkyd paints) are likely to become high in viscosity. In such case, you should need to add more thinners to make it less viscous. On the contrary, because of slower evaporation rate, latex paints tend to freeze at low temperatures. That’s why they require special additives which work against thawing.

  • Take Ample Time to Consider Re-Painting

It is a well-known fact that a perfect paint job requires several coats of paints.  Various paints have different drying time based upon the type of paint they are, but a low temperature in winter relatively affects them all – in one way or the other. That’s why you should give the paint ample amount of time to dry. At room-temperature (which is around 24 degrees centigrade), regular latex paint can take up to 4 hours to dry before getting ready for another coat. Similarly, when the temperature goes below 10 degrees in winter, the time to make the entire paint dry can get extended up to 6 hours more. This means drying time continues to extend as the temperature drops. So always keep in mind the extended time required and plan accordingly to get the desired result in your favour.

  • Use Of Right Paint, Brushes and Tools

Most painting manufacturing companies have upgraded well in the past decade. This means as a homeowner you can now have the access to the high-quality paints that can endure adverse elements of winter-months throughout the year. These paints are usually low temperature compatible and can perform very well under the cold atmosphere. That’s why it is recommended to review the paints beforehand and choose a paint-product from a reputed painting company which reduces your stress if you decide to work in the cold.

Moreover, make sure the painting tools that can help you during winter are available to you. Colder temperature always mean paints will be somewhat thicker. That’s why it is essential to use those paint-rollers rollers and brushes which can deal with thicker paints very well. Stiff nylon and polyester can make brusher work better in these types of atmospheres. Besides, if you can avail an infrared thermometer, it can be of a good use to adjudge the temperature of the surface you are applying paint and the temperature of its surrounding air.

  • Make Sure the Paint Is Usable

We know every mundane thing has its own expiry date and paints are no exceptions. That’s why if a latex paint has gone through several freeze or thaw cycles, just make sure to check whether it is in usable condition or not. If the latex paint is old and feels like lumpy, don’t be disheartened to disregard it. Latex paints can sustain only a few freeze or thawing cycles.

  • Always Comply with The Nature

As a human being, we cannot go against mother nature.  This means if the condition is too adverse, and as a house owner, you are not in hurry, it’s better to check the weather for few days and then begin your work. If the sun is out for few days at a stretch, this means it will be a bit warmer. During this time, you can calculate the ‘drying time’ of your paints and can schedule your paint-times accordingly. Also, try to paint in between 10 am and 2 pm, as this is considered the warmest part of the day.

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So, whether it is the colder months of the year or not, you can achieve the desired paint-job results. Do take your time and a little more care and effort while commencing painting. Whether you have missed the window of the warmer days, don’t get stressed; you can do your paint job in cold weather too.

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