How to Prevent Home Interior Painting Bubbles

Home Interior Painting

Preventing home interior painting bubbles means taking care of the issues that lead to bubbling before you start painting. Here’s how to prepare your house for interior painting:

  • Clean things up. For moderate to mild dirt, simply wipe down the walls you want to paint with a damp towel or a sponge and some warm water. For extra cleaning power, add soap to the warm water. Just make sure you go over them again with a damp towel to remove any soapy residue.
  • Dry it out. Avoid paint bubbles on the wall from moisture by taking care of damp walls before you break out the brushes and rollers. Let your wall dry completely before beginning to paint. Open windows and doors to increase airflow or run a dehumidifier and turn on some fans to help things dry out.
  • Watch the weather. Don’t work against nature. If you can, plan to paint on days that are not hot or humid, so your paint can dry evenly. Or you can make sure your heating or cooling is running at a comfortable temperature and turn on a dehumidifier.
  • Don’t rush. When you’re painting, slow and steady is key. Don’t try to brush paint on the walls too fast, or you might introduce air. Better yet, call Unistar Painting for interior painting services! If you do paint by yourself, make sure each coat is dry before starting the next one.
  • Match paint types. Latex and oil paint don’t mix well, so prime over your old paint or make sure to use the same paint type that’s already there.
  • Prime before you paint. Some people try to skip primer, but it’s essential for getting the best, most even paint job. Make sure you know the ins and outs of primer before you get started.
  • Avoid exterior paint blistering. If you’re painting the exterior of your house, follow the same tips as interior painting. Make especially sure to avoid rainy or very hot days.

How To Repair Blistered Home Interior Painting?

Fixing painting mishaps is not always as easy as scraping off the damaged paint and trying again. Sometimes it requires more time and effort to correct a mistake and get it looking just right. One way to avoid such mistakes is to hire your local painting company at Unistar Painting. We’re the paint experts who can help get all of your interior painting and exterior painting projects done.

With our expert interior painters by your side, you can be sure the job will get done to your complete satisfaction. To get started, give us a call at 0430 210 560 or schedule an estimate online today.